Passion for pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetic, perfume, OTC and food packaging
APG Europe is an Indutrade company whose packaging platform is designed for
supply chain management servicing the world's most reliable and innovative companies..
Why we’re here

Our right to exist lies in our service: we create practical total solutions for packaging and logistics issues. Tailor-made for our customers. From start-ups to the established order.

Our technical skills enable us to innovate and support our clients in achieving their goals.

Your success
Our goal

Satisfied customers are our goal.

Our helpful packaging specialists operate on the values of striving for excellence and transparency: Partnership pur sang.

Each product and each packaging serves a purpose, each requiring its own innovative solution. For more than 40 years, customers have trusted our quality, creativity and dedication.

Growing together
Developing together

You can always count on us.

We are loyal and engaged with our customers and suppliers.

As a supply chain partner we fulfill a resonace role representing your priorities in order to safeguard your competitiveness and success. To create a service level we believe you can't get anywhere else.


The principle of TCO as included in our philosophy for supply chain management, shows an enormous field of potential win-win cost savings.

Low operating costs are more important than ever. We reduce operating costs by organizing and executing everything as efficient as possible. Our one-stop shopping philosophy includes a large number of operational facets. We can guarantee the highest quality at low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). This includes the total costs, such as purchase, usage and consumption costs. Our TCO philosophy goes hand in hand with supply chain management. Together with you we look at all direct and indirect relevant costs. This is how we ensure an efficient, suitable solution.